None of This Had to Happen

Meditation and prayer help, but even after 30+ years of practice I can’t currently seem to sustain the feeling of calm non-attachment the way I used to before times were so relentlessly hard.

The Land that Rain Forgot

Full disclosure: I am a pluviophile. That means that I love rain, in all forms. I love monsoon downpours, steady rain pattering on the roof, misty seaside rains, even dull drizzles on endlessly gray days.

Why a Climate Healing Meditation Now?

Even as we enter the second year of a pandemic, the climate emergency continues unabated, with 2020 either setting a new record or tying for the warmest year on record, depending on who is measuring and their specific methods. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen record fires in Australia, California, and Siberia, record … Continue reading Why a Climate Healing Meditation Now?

Climate Change is a Foundational and Intersectional Issue of Life or Death

In a way, climate change is really the ONLY issue. Because if we don’t get this one right and, at minimum, hold global heating to the 1.5 degrees C agreed on in in the non-binding Paris Accords, none of the other issues that progressives—or anyone else—care about are going to matter.