The Plasticity of Time

What if time is non-linear? What if it doubles and stretches, contracts and expands, and folds back on itself? What if linear time is merely a convenience in our third dimensional reality? Newtonian physics perceives time as purely linear. Confined to the speed limit of light, even Starships from an advanced extraterrestrial culture would take … Continue reading The Plasticity of Time

Samadhi Timewalker, the Time-Traveling Cat

The universe sent me a Time-Traveling Cat, the spitting image of Georgie in Weather Menders, on Christmas Eve. Can fiction predict or create reality? My neighbor posted a picture of a lost short-haired gray cat in her back yard on Christmas Eve morning. I woke up to a phone message from a friend asking if … Continue reading Samadhi Timewalker, the Time-Traveling Cat