Sacred Activism

Buddha in snowSacred Activism on Climate Change

In the face of overwhelming scientific and empirical evidence that we are already well into perhaps irreversible climate change, I refuse to despair.

If we confine ourselves to the worthy goals of climate change mitigation and adaptation, we will never think expansively enough to actually reverse anthropogenic climate disruption and the Sixth Great Extinction.

Can we do it? Intentionally raising the vibration of global collective consciousness, not only human, but interspecies, and ultimately “Gaiac”—encompassing the planetary consciousness of Gaia herself—lights the way to that possibility.

I affirm hope. First, let’s face the current reality head-on. Let’s look at where the present Timeline is leading us—the dystopian world of extreme weather events, barely survivable heat, and pandemic plagues that the characters in Weather Menders live in by 2050.

Then let’s change the collective dream to one of restored ecological and climatic balance, partnership society as opposed to patriarchy, honoring of the Divine Feminine, and co-creating a resultant equalitarian society.

My Definition of Sacred Activism

Sacred Activism is the desire and willingness to make the world a better place through positive ethical actions based on one’s spiritual beliefs and a sense of all life as precious, sacred, interconnected, and One in Essence.

Here are some resources to pursue a Sacred Activism path:

Here are some organizations engaged in what I would call Sacred Activism on climate change issues:

  • has a national organization and many state and local chapters
  • educates the public and trains climate leaders worldwide to educate.
  • Charles Eisenstein writes and speaks about Sacred Economics and the Gift Economy.
  • The critical issue of biodiversity is addressed by the conservation website Voices for Biodiversity, for which I am an eco-reporter and story gatherer.

Time Travel aside, can anthropogenic climate change be reversed? Humans caused it, so let’s work together to heal it.