Why a Climate Healing Meditation Now?

Even as we enter the second year of a pandemic, the climate emergency continues unabated, with 2020 either setting a new record or tying for the warmest year on record, depending on who is measuring and their specific methods.

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen record fires in Australia, California, and Siberia, record warmth in many parts of the Arctic, and a record number of hurricanes in one season. Over half of my home state of New Mexico is currently in exceptional drought, the worst category. Our normal annual rainfall should be 12 to 14 inches. My rain gauge for our favorite year, 2020, shows 6.69 inches.

Rain gauge at my house outside Santa Fe on December 31, 2020

Sometimes I fear that we have lost a year of action and momentum due to the inability to gather in person, and at other times I find reason for hope. Despite attention necessarily focused on the pandemic, the media is actually linking climate and weather as it covers the relentless series of extreme weather events caused or exacerbated by a warming world climate. Have we at last reached the critical mass needed both to compel action by governments and corporations and to change the collective consciousness and unconsciousness?

Also providing reason for hope is recent research indicating that the climate could stabilize within 20 years once we get to zero greenhouse gas emissions. Even better, regenerative agriculture, soil health restoration, and a massive shift to Permaculture could move us closer to complete climate healing, actually returning atmospheric carbon to pre-industrial levels as soon as 2050 by some estimates.

My offering to this end is the Climate Healing Meditation that you have the option to download whenever you come to this site. Remember that we are not trying to impose our ego-will on the world’s climatic system, but to align ourselves with the Highest Good, Divine Will, or whatever other term resonates with you. Feel yourself aligning with the intention to create balanced and beneficial weather worldwide.

The following is an adaptation, along with a short form written meditation, of a talk I originally presented to the Healing Beyond Borders Healing Touch Conference on September 20, 2019. It was addressed to the Healing Touch community, but the principles also hold for Reiki or any other energy healing modality, for any form of Distant Healing, and for anyone who engages in practices of visualization and prayer.

Climate Healing Meditation Talk to Healing Beyond Borders Conference

As practitioners of Healing Touch, we have all seen many miracles. Some are small and incremental, others are huge, instant, and unexpected.

I personally define a miracle as a hoped-for outcome that goes beyond the laws of Newtonian physics, and occurs in a flow with love and grace. In the quantum world, influenced by conscious intention, many things are possible that transcend and confound the limits of Newtonian physics.

“Mother.” Artwork by Stellavera Kilcher. See below for artist’s statement
and print ordering info.

In Healing Touch, we’re taught to first center ourselves in our hearts, and to ground to Mother Earth, and then to ALLOW a flow of loving healing energy to flow through us for the highest good of the person we are offering treatment to. Together with that person, in partnership, we form an intention. And then we let it go, and surrender to the process.

In my 33 years in the healing arts, first as a student of Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere’s and later as a faculty member of the Healing Light Center Church, and subsequently using the Healing Touch modality since the first class I took in 2000, I have witnessed many miracles. I’m sure my fellow healers have as well.

It’s obvious to all of us by now that our eco-system, our biodiversity, and our climate are all in deep trouble and profound imbalance, and need healing. So let’s look to our Healing Touch practice for solutions. When we give a Healing Touch treatment, we seek to balance the energy field of a human or an animal so that in the return to balance, healing can occur. We don’t know HOW it’s going to occur, or when, or even if. We don’t know the mechanism or the magic. And sometimes we have to accept that the healing takes the form of a death, a transformation.

But despite outer appearances, I don’t believe that our planet, our climate, our eco-system, are in a death spiral that can’t be reversed. Like all of you, I have repeatedly seen how CONSCIOUSNESS, applied in consciously focused collective intentionality, can alter current reality. Many of us in the Healing Touch community have participated in Intention Experiments with Lynn McTaggert, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment. In addition, I was fortunate to participate in a series of double-blind controlled studies on Distant Healing, incorporating my Healing Touch practice, with Cal Pacific Medical Center in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

If you have an energy healing practice, how many times have you witnessed pain vanishing almost instantly? How many clients and friends do you have like my friend now in her 90’s who was diagnosed with inoperable fourth stage brain cancer when she was 47? She received energy healing and in the process became a healer herself, and is written up in medical literature as an unexplained spontaneous remission.

In light of all these experiences, how can we NOT believe that it’s possible to bring our climate back into stability and balance? Consciousness is truly the wild card that allows for the miracle of hope. Back in 2002 when former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, one of the founders of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, spoke at our Healing Touch conference, I asked him the question, “What is the critical mass of consciousness required for change?” He answered, “It’s not as much as 51%, it’s not a majority. We think it might be somewhere around 10% of the population.”

Even more hopeful, the Transcendental Meditation studies conducted as far back as the mid-70s showed that if only 1% of a community were practicing TM®, crime rates were reduced on average by 16%. And that’s only one specific meditation modality.

Let’s remember that in chaos theory, a butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing can change the weather in New York—because everything and every creature is connected in a myriad of mysterious ways. In complexity theory, a Black Swan is a highly improbable, unpredictable event. So let’s use this to our advantage. Let’s form a collective intention to heal our global climate, bringing it back into stability so that everywhere on the planet may experience balanced and beneficial weather. Let’s call in a Black Swan—having no idea HOW or when this event is going to occur—and let the flapping of her wings stir the quantum field to bring about the great rebalancing that we seek.

Let’s co-create a miracle through a Climate Healing Meditation. Let’s change the dream together, right now.

Begin by taking some deep breaths, center yourself in your heart, and let your heart energy connect with Mother Earth through magical tree roots from your feet and your tailbone growing lovingly into the earth. Feel HER energy flowing up through you as a ruby red liquid light. Feel your gratitude for Gaia, who sustains all life, and Gaia’s gratitude for your love for her. Allow your crown chakra to open and let in the flow of diamond white light from above, from Father Sky. Feel it tingling and awakening you as it joins with the ruby red in your heart, meeting, merging, becoming a swirling ball of rose pink light with the qualities of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Radiate out this unconditional love throughout the planet, starting with this room and visualizing the Earth being cocooned in this rose-colored healing light. Feel forgiveness for all who have created the imbalances we are currently living with, including forgiveness for yourself.

Take some more breaths and find yourself in a place in Nature that brings you comfort and beauty. It might be a place you have been, a place you dream of being, or simply a place that comes to you now in vision. It might be a remote place, a place you love and visit often, a park in an urban area, or your own back yard.

Connect deeply with this place. See its vibrant colors, hear the sounds of this place all around you, smell the scents, taste it, touch it, feel it in your heart. Once you have connected to this place, let’s all rise together into space and float gently towards the Arctic, the north pole. From this vantage point, look upon the crown chakra of the Earth. Watch as the greens and purples and golds of the aurora dance upon the crown of Gaia.

Let’s approach a little closer, and visualize the white of the sea ice forming again and becoming strong, connecting with the land in Alaska, Siberia, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia. Visualize the brightness of this ice as it reflects sunlight back into space, and reflects heat, allowing it to escape back into space, cooling the Earth and bringing the seasons back into balance.

Let’s go a little closer and see the polar bears thriving, the walrus on the ice shelves, great herds of caribou a little farther south. See the whales in the sea, and on the land wolves and Arctic foxes, the air filled with birds—snow geese, swans, snowy owls. Visualize the humans in the north living in absolute harmony and gratitude with all these life forms.

Take a breath and allow yourself to float back into space, and now choose a place to go, a place that you feel a connection to. Some of you may choose the boreal rainforests of the north, some may choose tropical rainforests and jungles, others wild seacoasts, rivers, alpine meadows, vast plains and deserts, coral reefs, marshlands, or mangrove swamps. Some will go to the snow-crowned peaks of the highest mountains, the Himalaya, the Andes, the Rockies, the Alps. Some of you will find yourselves on the plains and savannahs of Africa, or in the Australian Outback, or New Zealand’s forests and shores.

Let’s see all these areas healing and thriving. Let’s visualize the ice caps regenerating in the Arctic and in Antarctica.  See glaciers reforming all over the planet, healthy snow falling at the perfect time of year, regrowing strong glaciers. Watch the rivers flowing out of them, and know that they nourish tens of millions of humans and animals.

Witness the Restoration and Regeneration of the land. See the land filled with animals, the seas teeming with life, the skies filled with birds. See the the places where humans live—cities, towns, and villages—clean, the skies above them clear, their waters pure. See cities filled with trees and gardens and local farms with healthy living soil that pulls carbon out of the atmosphere and into the ground. Hear the sound of laughter, of play, of music, of peace. Feel the sense of harmony, balance, completion.

KNOW in your whole body and being, your bones, heart, and soul, that we have succeeded. We have restored the balance. It is already done. So it is.

Debra Denker is the author of the ecotopian cli-fi novel Weather Menders.

Photo of Earth’s auroral oval by NASA, public domain.

Stellavera Kilcher on her painting “Mother”

My Mother was a TM meditator. She was a visionary and her deep wish was for Heaven on Earth. She wrote amazing poetry that were visions of times past and future. 

She often said that she wanted to be an Angel to protect the Earth. So when she passed away, as part of my grieving process, I painted her as the painting shows. 

At first I painted her as an angel with hands in prayer over our Earth. Then I remembered during a near death experience I had where—as a Being of Light “on the other side”—I was able to experience all the senses except the sense of touch. I could see, smell, hear, taste— but I could not touch. So once I “came back” from this experience, I realized that the sense of touch is so special and unique to us as humans. 

So I changed my Mother Angel to be hugging the planet, to show the interface of our dimensions—Heaven truly was touching the Earth. 

I painted her gown to be a rainbow—an image that Maharishi often used of Heaven descending to Earth on rainbows. So the Mother Presence is bringing the descent of Heaven to Earth. Mother had long blond hair, so from her hair, new galaxies are being formed to bring the Divine to other parts of the Universe as we bring Heaven’s descent to our own planet. 

That is why this painting is called “Mother”. I put a star on her forehead, because we are part of each other—my name, Stellavera Septima means “7th true star” which is a name my father cognized in the middle of sleep four months after I was born and nameless for that entire time! Mother said in the middle of his sleep he sat up and put his finger into the air and proclaimed “ Stella Vera Septima is her name!” 

If anyone wants one of these posters, let me know. I have quite a few left, although the original painting burned in my Alaska Cabin fire. 

Stellavera can be reached at stellaverak@hotmail.com

Here are two poems by Stellavera’s mother, Ruth Kilcher Mariott


(written for one who is far away)

It is because my heart can sing

That I can love you

It is because I can uplift my soul

That I can touch your own

And should you marvel at the light around you

It is because I have been blessing you

With shimmerings of dawn

I draped a cape of scintillating stars

Around your shoulders

And you can walk in Confidence

In Beauty and in Light

To the New Age Children

My beautiful daughters

all my fair and beautiful daughters

I bless you this morning

            as the wind moves the trees

gifts of the spirit

            bestow I upon you

as the clouds float eastward

my beautiful daughters

My stalwart sons

all my fair and stalwart sons

valiant deeds I will to you

            this morning

purpose bold bequeath upon you

arrow-straight and steadfast

            be your quest

wish you gentle hearts my children

            valiant sons

Flowers to you and cups overflowing

steady the sword and still

            the fiery wands

lofty peaks and fertile valleys

tremulous smiles

            and healing hands

these I give you: joys at sunrise

this I give you: peace at dusk

awe and wonder never ceasing

all my beautiful daughters

            and sons

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