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Trapped by Climate Change

I am fortunate to live a life filled with many options. Physically escaping climate change, I am learning, is not one of them. On my bad days, I think it must be a curse. Heat and drought seem to follow me wherever I go. In 2013, I gently gloated, thinking that I would be getting … Continue reading Trapped by Climate Change

Review of Deena Metzger’s “A Rain of Night Birds”

This is the review I posted on Amazon and Goodreads: Deena Metzger’s achingly beautiful and poetic cli-fi novel unflinchingly evokes the planetary anguish of facing climate change and environmental devastation. I started reading it on an airplane and was immediately transfixed. The characters of climate scientists Sandra Birdswell and Terrence Green come from radically different backgrounds, … Continue reading Review of Deena Metzger’s “A Rain of Night Birds”

Reclaiming Cycles in a Time of Loss

Year by year, we are losing the seasons that have marked human culture, animal migrations, and the cycles of plant life for thousands of years. Spring comes to the Arctic 16 days earlier than a mere decade ago, according to a recent article in The Guardian. And it’s not just the Arctic, as any careful … Continue reading Reclaiming Cycles in a Time of Loss

Love Letter to Winter from the American Southwest

Dear Winter, Please come back, all is forgiven. We need you, to give the earth a rest, to let the trees and plants stay dormant, to nourish the land with snow.  We need your freezing temperatures to kill bark beetles and viruses, to keep juniper pollen at bay, to allow for a time of rest … Continue reading Love Letter to Winter from the American Southwest

Planetary Anguish and Spiritual Ecstasy

I didn’t know there was a name for the peculiar floating anguish I have felt all my life. It is an empathy with the Earth so deep that I felt the pain when a tree was felled by wind, or worse, cut by a viciously whining saw. From my earliest years, I felt the burning … Continue reading Planetary Anguish and Spiritual Ecstasy

The Plasticity of Time

What if time is non-linear? What if it doubles and stretches, contracts and expands, and folds back on itself? What if linear time is merely a convenience in our third dimensional reality? Newtonian physics perceives time as purely linear. Confined to the speed limit of light, even Starships from an advanced extraterrestrial culture would take … Continue reading The Plasticity of Time

Samadhi Timewalker, the Time-Traveling Cat

The universe sent me a Time-Traveling Cat, the spitting image of Georgie in Weather Menders, on Christmas Eve. Can fiction predict or create reality? My neighbor posted a picture of a lost short-haired gray cat in her back yard on Christmas Eve morning. I woke up to a phone message from a friend asking if … Continue reading Samadhi Timewalker, the Time-Traveling Cat