Review of Deena Metzger’s “A Rain of Night Birds”

This is the review I posted on Amazon and Goodreads:

Rain Nt Birds

Deena Metzger’s achingly beautiful and poetic cli-fi novel unflinchingly evokes the planetary anguish of facing climate change and environmental devastation. I started reading it on an airplane and was immediately transfixed. The characters of climate scientists Sandra Birdswell and Terrence Green come from radically different backgrounds, but reach the same place of connection, agony, and love for Mother Earth. When I read the line, “Sometimes she thought she heard the Earth call out in pain,” I burst into tears of recognition. The book is ultimately a story of love, not only between two unlikely people, a white woman and a Native American man, brought together by their shared sorrow, courage, and hope, but between humans and Mother Earth. We have so much to learn from TEK—Traditional Ecological Knowledge—perhaps the only thing that can bring us back into balance.



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